Most recent: Enchanted rose prop for Talegate Theatre and Jamie Marcus Productions,

3 drop wireless rose:

5 drop CAT5 wired rose:

It all starts with you.

All our Scenery, Props and Sets are bespoke designs made specifically for our clients.

We’ll start with a few discussions about expectations, time frames and costs.

Then we get on with Story boarding the production in design. (Or straight to design for props)

After going through the story board and seeing the requirements of our clients, it’s then time to design the set.

We use sketches of our own designs and convert the sketches to a 3d model (Google Sketchup)

Following confirmation of designs, it’s now time to build the set!

The set can be built on site for semi-permanent productions (Or staging)

Or it can be built and made to be transported in 8′ x4′ sections.

Our prop design is as innovative and creative as our set and scenery design.

We have provided for many companies including:

Channel 4 (ITV), Butlins, Warner Leisure Hotels, Jamie Marcus Productions, Talegate Theatre, Live 5 entertainment, Purple Light Events, New youth theatre, Action community theatre and many more!

Here are a few examples of props made for touring pantomimes, theatre production companies and amateur dramatic groups.